Shagwear and Cedar Paddle

Our Story

Founded on the streets of Europe in 1987, Shagwear Inc. has made the journey from a tiny street vending operation into one of the largest wholesalers of costume jewelry and accessories in North America.


When Desi and Jeremi started selling their designs on the streets of Europe in 1987, they never expected that their passion for jewelry and fashion would lead to Shagwear Inc.

In 1992, they moved back to Canada and continued to run Shagwear from their home in Edmonton, AB. With four little girls living upstairs and the business growing quickly in the basement, they knew it was time to find a new space and another partner.

In the early 2000’s, they partnered with their close friend Boris and moved the business from their home into a much-needed larger space.

Inspired by the Canadian outdoors, they began to work with a group of talented Indigenous, Canadian, and American artists to produce original designs that reflect North American heritage and wildlife. Thus the beginning of Cedar Paddle.

Today, Desi, Jeremi, and Boris continue to expand Shagwear and Cedar Paddle while searching for the latest trends in the fashion industry. Although they no longer sell mood rings and glow in the dark piercings, their humble roots are still visible today.